Expert testimony + defensible data rooted in science

皇家88娱乐提供诉讼支持, expert testimony 和 scientific analysis for a broad spectrum of cases, ranging from malicious intent 和 construction defect, to the performance of consumer products 和 消防系统事故重建. Our continued investment in advancing the science of safety equips our court-tested experts with the technical expertise 和 robust science-based analysis background to back it up. When you require defensible data to support your claim, we come equipped with the truth.


Our high-level international team of civil, 结构, 岩土工程, 机械, 材料, electrical 和 chemical fire protection engineers, 火灾调查人员, 架构师, 和 scientists provide us with an unparalleled depth of multi-disciplinary technical expertise that can be drawn upon for 专家证人 服务. 在野外, 在实验室里, in the courtroom 和 around the globe our litigation support 服务 include expert testimony, evidence storage 和 chain of custody, evidence exams 和 trial exhibits.


H和ling of evidence 和 evidence storage can have a significant impact on a matter involving litigation. 皇家88娱乐的安全设施, storage lockers 和 regulated chain of custody ensures that any evidence collected from the scene of a product failure, fire or industrial failure will follow a strict guideline that holds up in court.


Through our in-house laboratories 和 network of external labs, we are able to independently test 和 examine evidence. This approach equips us with the ability to provide the most accurate 和 robust data to present in court.


Meet our dynamic team of professional engineers, investigators, scientists, 和 lab technicians.